A prayer for a financial blessing

Dear Lord, I acknowledge you each day. I never forget the miracles you have shown me during my life. You have always made a way from no way at all. Therefore, my conviction and belief in you are so strong, I already consider my prayers answered. Lord, I am at a point in my life to where my back is against the wall.

No mankind can help me. Its only you that can. You can go into the hearts of people but without your intervention, it is not possible. That’s why I believe in you and your miracles.

My situation is: For the sake of my child, I had to remove him from public school and put him into a private school for his senior year in high school. It was expensive for the tuition. However, I was able to enroll him there and he did graduate in May 2014. Now, I have a balance due and he cannot receive his diploma until I pay the $9000 balance. I have tried to borrow and take out loans and I have not been able to obtain the funds for this. My son wants to go to college and I really want to provide that opportunity for him. Please show me the way and that to do. He is set to start school in August and I really need to produce the money so I can get the diploma so he can move on to the next phase of his life.

Lord, I promise that I will always pay tithes and give what I have. I have faith in your word and I know you answer prayers. I am a witness to what you can do Lord. I know this is a lot, but I feel less than a parent right now and I have no one in the world. I asked family and they had nothing to offer. Lord, I put my trust and faith in you, now and forever, Amen…. I know you will see me through this, in your time…. Amen

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