A prayer for a break through for a better life

by Courtney Alexandria Gorman (New Orleans,La,Jefferson Parish)

Lord my family treats me like a dog and my husband has issue with his family also.. they treat him the same as mine treat me, Lord we use to struggle everyday trying to make ends meet .. I pray for my son Leon Maurice Goman III. he really need his ma and pa.

And I also want to pray for my unborn child that he or she makes it here safe with no problems involved. And he or she be healthy. I want to pray for my sisters and my brothers. let them see that I truly love them Lord. it feels like they turned their backs on me for no reason at all Lord.

Lord I also wanna pray about the lum sum of money that I will receive and do the right thing with it. I need your help to spend it wisely.. Lord I’ve suffer all my life for you Lord and don’t get me wrong I know that u been there for me also…

It seems like all the bad people is doing better than the good people.. Lord I’ll do whatever you ask me to do…Lord I sacrifice for you Lord the things I love and the old me… And please help my husband with strength through his issues about his family and whatever he’s going through.

He don’t know that I can see through of what he’s hiding and tells me everything will be alright I know it will with your help Lord …. protect us Lord .. I miss my sisters and brothers Lord …. help us get along and real tight that no one will ever come between us.. help them prosper Lord just like you had help me….please stop Mae Helen Johnson and who ever with her doing this to stop….you said do my prophet no harm….protect us at whatever she’s throwing our way….. I Love You LORD….. In Jesus name I pray Amen