A Prayer for a baby after Vasectomy Reversal


I feel so selfish asking you for your prayer and blessing and this is difficult. I had a vasectomy reversal last week with partial success on the right hand side tube but not on the left hand side. I ask God to bless us and those in similar positions who want to have the miracle of a child. I have been given a small chance of success but it is at least a chance. If it is God’s will then I will love and cherish a child of ours. I have met the most wonderful partner and she would be I know a beautiful mother. I am so full of emotion and also hurt at the fact I ever had a vasectomy in the first place. Living with this guilt has been hard and the reversal was part of a process of dealing with this. I ask humbly for your prayer and the Lord’s strength in these times. Thank-you and God Bless.

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