A new start

by Arlen (Alberta)

Dear lord I humbly ask for your forgiveness in all I do wrong and the mistakes I’ve made in life and continue to make give me strength to become the great man I know I’m supposed to be you saved my life twice once in a car crash by holding me down as my vehicle rolled as I know I wore no seat belt yet I felt your hands on my back the second was when I drove three hours drunk and don’t remember it was impossible for me to have made it alone so I knew you drove that night.

I love you and only want a better life for myself full of love prosperity and kindness for myself and others I ask for financial success so I can not only help myself but help others I want to be made new again so that I may live my life right I’m tired of failing cause I think I can do it on my own yet I know I can not do it without you make me love my wife without doubt and fear I love the life I have and love kari with all my heart I only ask to be a strong man for her and my family give me strength and bless my life dear lord I ask on my stomach because I really want this lord I love you and thank you for every blessing ever giving to me by you you understand me and if I forgot to pray and ask for something you know I need look in my heart and provide me with what’s missing in your holy name I pray amen

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