a new home, job and car

by Alicia (Los Angeles)

I’ve applied for a new apartment, they approved me last Friday. Then on Monday the housing people did an inspection, I’m getting assistance from being homeless, to get back on my feet. The housing people gave the manager to docs and the ceo as for 5 years rental and employment history and four months bank statements.

I have not heard from them for the final word yet. I am all set to move. Also I plan to go look at cars on Sunday and the sales manager says in approved, I just have to pick out a car.

I work at the courts in Los Angeles for minimum wage, I hsve been seeking a job in real life estate. Please pray that things go well so I can get back on my feet, im tired of being in this homeless shelter, I pray to God every day I don’t know why this is happening.

Im so battle worn, been homeless for a year.just pray for me and my son.


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