A New Beginning

Our Father so worthy of our praise.

My savior for whom I have done nothing to deserve the mercy and grace that You show me each day. I humbly place at your altar my request for Your blessing for a new beginning for me. You know all about my situation dear Lord, and I know that you have heard every prayer I’ve prayed and saw every tear I have shed. You have been talking to me and it has only been very recent that I have stood still and now actually “hear” You. I pray that You will continue to manifest Your words on my heart and show me your intentions for my life. The position that I have applied to this day was very unexpected but I feel that this opportunity was brought to my attention as part of your plan for me. I see just how it could change my life, my family’s life and the lives of so many others. Lord, if for some reason it is not your plan for me, and I do not get the role, I thank You for Your love, and that I truly KNOW that You are watching over me at all times. I love you, Your child.