A Mother’s Relief Prayer

by Monique (Ontario Canada)

Please prayer for my son that he may be given a light sentence for his wrong doing since it is his first time and hopefully his last. Let the courts see it fit to return his possessions to him so he may return to work and make money to support himself and get out of debt and back on his feet so he wont be depressed and have his credit ruined and leave the burden of debt on me as I co-signed for him, dear God please find it in your heart not to come down heavy on him and return his belongings and make him see his errors and again save my credit and his. Please also prayer for my daughter lessen her dental pain during her surgery and guide her on the right path of education so she may obtain a stable career for herself so she too can correct her financial situation. Lastly God please prayer for me and give me strength to be there for them and on march 20 in my court case please have the judgement go my way and allow me a decent amount of financial restatotion so that I get get from under all the debt I have accured in the last year after I was wrongfully dismissed. I sued for 80,000 and legal fees of 30000 please allow the judgement to go my way and be at least in the amount of slightly more than half covering the legal fees and possibly putting 35000 to 40000 dollars in my pocket to help me out from under my debt…thank you god please help us…help restore my marriage in all this we have lost each other..

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