A mother’s prayer

by Sha (Tn)

Lord, help guide me as a wife, mother, friend and worker. The blessed assurance I have is that you are my guide through the wilderness. Though I am not worthy, I have been grafted into the body of Christ. The promises of God are mine. Jesus, you will never leave me or forsake me. I submit to your will and I know that the desire for peace and joy are possible. Jesus let me remember the trials you went through on this earth. I am not immurned from hard times but I have a Savior that guides me through every torrent of rain and every breath of new challenges. I am not alone, for you are with me. Lord, you are my comforter, my guide, my deliverer, my friend, healer and Savior. In Jesus mighty name do I ask for forgiveness and strength to face this world. Amen

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