A mother and child and their dog having to leave our own city and abusive family to serve God andvrecieve his unconditional love

by Lisa ()

Financial help to move my son our dog that is supportive to a different city away from Family Violence abuse and learn to abide in Jesus and trust God to provide for our needs to learn how to seek the kingdom first find me heal the fibromyalgia and my son be healed trauma and abuse and her dog be healed of abuse and for the people that are in our family that are abusing is violating to receive Jesus and in the meantime finances to have my son and I moved and the courts to enforce restraining orders because they don’t stop abusing and they keep harassing banging on doors name-calling physical assaults to my son and the family work with my son’s father and then a narcissistic manipulative way and I chose Jesus my son shows Jesus we are born again starting a new life that doesn’t include abuse and we’ve been instructed to move away by the psychologist who’s Annex pastor and author and he’s a very well-known Christian psychologist and has dealt with this kind of abuse and have helped in the other court to have the father removed as a guardian which was a quart air cuz he doesn’t even qualify and to have the other court the
Put the restraining orders in place and some company. It’s paid for to pack for us clean for us move us into a subsidized house and teach me how to believe her God provides a new car and better schooling for my son and friends that he can trust and our animal to be healed and me to be healed now I have to take pain medicine and for us both to be connected into Jesus unconditionally abiding in him naturally and hope of one day seeing our family heels and set free but in the meantime pray until and to one day write the book forgot about recovering from narcissistic abuse getting your child out of the abuse doing what’s right I’m trusting God to provide and Shilling from fibromyalgia and a bunch of other sicknesses and emotional pain and having the life that God planned for us to have and living it confidently and honouring him in everything we do and to have my fourteen-year-old son whose father told him he was worthless and choked him to be healed and Trust Jesus completely and to receive the adoption from God until that Holy Spirit manifests gifts and fruits in us to walk in the spirit by faith and not in the flesh by sight to worship God in spirit and in truth and to be United with Jesus under his lordship but as a jointer and received the unconditional love but he provides I never turn back and trust God completely to provide for all of these needs and to help me feed a mother he’s called me to be and help my son grow into the man he’s called him to be and help our dog heal and be the dog Gods called her to be and to never forget that God will always teach us how to truly forgive and always teaches how to truly repent and receive Grace to turn from any strongholds that try to rear up their ways again and trust God to provide financially mentally physically emotionally and spiritually in all ways which are all needed right now in a major way and deal with the court system and get my son and I on our dog safe and away and not hurt anymore an honour guard during the storm and know that our God is bigger than any storm and we have the power to say peace to that store and to uproot it and cast it into the sea and believe that it does not return and Bless the people that hurt and pray for them be free from bitterness and resentment under unforgiveness and be set free by the word of God in our souls and healed in our souls and completely United in our spirit with God and Jesus by the Holy Spirit as one as the word of God says and to learn how to praise him and live a life of praise and fully receive his unconditional love tell it overflows to love him back with all her heart mine and sole our neighbour as yourself and to do so we need to abide in Jesus word to receive that unconditional love to be able to give it out and love God more than anything with it and love herself with it glorify God and he so deserves to be free from sadness and abuse to praise praise God love him thank Jesus no he strengthens us and walk with the Holy Spirit and not quench you but receive his comfort bless others for God’s glory

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