A most humble prayer to restore my relationship with the woman that I love

by Phil (Nairobi)

Dear St. Jude Saint of lost causes and desperate hopeless situations I humbly come before you to ask you to intercede for me to get back together with Emma. I wronged her dear St.Jude and I’ve asked her to forgive me but she gave up on us. Please guide us back to each other St.Jude despite the fact that we are not even talking right now. I know without a shadow of doubt that we shall find our ways back to reconcile and be together again. We had the best relationship two people could ever ask for. I pray that we get back to an even better happier relationship dear St.Jude. I pray for patience with Emma and myself as well as I wait on our Lord Jesus Christ to give me an answer. I pray for blessings on Emma and her brothers and Mum and Dad as well. Amen