A miracle to go HOME

Heavenly Father,

Review my life, review the past 7 months, review my heart, my intentions, my actions, my behaviors. I want you Heavenly Father to judge whether or not my petition has merit for the answer I want. Only YOU can see what I have or have not done to even consider placing this petition at your Holy Door.

I have one petition….the same petition it has always been. I humbly, fervently and desperatley petition you again, at what has become the last hour, to guide my family “home”. Thiw means we need to overcome the financial, practical and “human” driven challenges that stand in our way and are too powerful to tackle without your divine intervention.

We want to go “home”. Please Heavenly Father, review me now, and decide today if you will answer my humble petition. It is at the point that tomorrow is too late.

You know the petition and only you have the power to help us help ourselves. None of what I am asking is based on secular wants. Everything I am asking is to honor family, simple living, and live our lives more spiritually and emotionally “quiet”.

This has been our petition for years. We will do as much as we can. We just need you to bless our attempts with a small miracle.

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