A message to the sinner

by Richard (Southampton)

I waited patiently ..but you never came ..I looked up at the sky for help but all that happen was the wind that changed..I knelt down by my bed and asked for change in my life by pray..but again there was no reply ..as I was down there …Well I guess for my wrongs there’s no way back I’ve truly been shunned I will take my last walk on this beach and when I get the ocean I’m done …I don’t know were to turn even my father has turned from me so off I go on this road so empty ..as I walked along the beach sands alone I looked down and too my surprise I behhold not one but four footprints in the sand and a warn breeze touch my hand…as I got to my destination along the shore I heard a voice that said my son why judge yourself anymore for I have died for you why would I leave your side when you asked for help and looked in the sky ..and when you waited for me and thought I never came I was sitting right beside you I heard you calling my name when you knelt and was on your knees I stroked your hair I felt you grieve see I’ve been her all ways you just never realised that and at the table were you waited I also sat I folded the napkin and placed it upon your lap like the day I arose from my tomb I folded the shroud they placed on me to let the world know I will be coming again soon