A Marriage Surviving On God’s Invisible Blessings!

by Mary (Perak, Malaysia)

Thank you God for my 20th wedding anniversary. It’s truly amazing how far I had been in this union of two different person ended up in matrimony without knowing one another. I solely depended on you, Jesus, when I realized that both of us are actually not meant to be together. It’s like totally in an opposite world. Anyhow, you had given me tremendous patience to bear with when my marriage life was rocking . It was very painful and torturing but for the sake of my two beloved children I managed to sail the storm. Both of us are loyal till now but just can’t seem to agree to anything at all. And yet the marriage survived! Lord, I had sacrificed a lot in spite of the negative forced to surrender but I kept on going for the future of my kids education and their life. A broken home for them is not a gift for my daughter and son. We are now together and united. Thank you God .

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