A marriage needing healing

by Debra (Texas)

Heavenly Father, my nephew and niece are at the point in their marriage that she wants out. He is ready to go to counseling. He doesn’t want to lose her. She doesn’t want to go because she had been asking him for two years to go and he refused. So now that she is leaving, he wants to get help, but she has given up. They have three children who are so distraught from all the fighting. Please Lord, help them to find peace in their home. Help them to seek the help they need to work on their relationship. But mostly, if it is Your will Lord, that they not be together, give my nephew, the children and my family, the strength to get through the loss of his wife and our niece. We pray for an amicable separation if it comes to that and that my nephew will still be allowed to be a big part of his children’s life. Thank you, Lord, for always hearing my prayers and giving me hope. In your name, I pray. amen.

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  1. i have been there

    I hope this helps, I too was at the point of leaving my husband & asked for over a year for us to go to cockling, he refused to. Then when I had enough & was ready to leave he changed his mind, it seem the only time he ever wanted me is when I was ready to leave, The we went to counseling & it helped we have a strong & loving relationship. It helps us 1) learn how to fight fair, 2) how to make up 🙂 3) get the relationship we both needed & wanted 4) in all be better ppl. 5) Most important to remember why we feel in lobe in the first place, I will keep you in my prayer’s & thoughts, Even if she decides to leave I suggest that they still see someone to help them make the split better for them & their girls, To remain friends

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