A marriage miracle – Bring her back

by Brian (Ohio)

Please Dear God Of Israel please bring my wife Stacy back home and restore our marriage before the holidays start. I miss her and love her. Oh God bless our marriage open my wife eyes so that she can see your Love and my love for her. Please dear God send your blessing upon my marriage restore our marriage bring us back to one path. Please Bring Stacy home Dear God. Amen. Thank you. Please pray for my marriage.

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  1. I can relate...


    Good day Brian,

    My brother, I can totally relate as its been around 4 to 5 weeks since my wife has left me while I was at church.

    During this time, though still painful and I DO cry often but our merciful Lord dries my tears after focusing on His word and all that He’s done and doing for me.

    A suggestion is that, if you haven’t, PLEASE, for your health and well-being, is to:

    1. Ask our Lord for receiving you back home with Him and to focus on knowing Him and what He wants for you.

    2. Ask for reconciliation and forgiveness or yourself and your sins as related to the situation. I had to acknowledge to Him all my errors that could have related to the problem. That helped me be accountable for my wrongs and to daily repent of them.

    3. Reconcile or try to reconcile with your wife in what ever method. Because I did not know where she moved(she had change of address and license etc.), I had to, and continuously pray for a way; but He will make a way to communicate to her.

    Brother, it is a rough road but His divine love for us and hatred of divorce is bond. As I can only offer my suggestions instead of opinions, I urgently suggest that you and all of us in this struggle, never stop studying His word in order to know what we, as children of God and husbands’ roles are. We men, and women must trust and obey Him and have his commandments on our hearts.

    Patience that His will be done for strength to accept His results in His time will suffice for me. These times we face are trials that we must endure for perseverance. My

    favorite scripture is 1 Corinthians 13:4 where it speaks on Love:

    Love is patient, love is kind, its does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, it is not rude, it is not easily angered. Love keeps no records of wrongs, love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love Never fails.

    Brian, our God provided us love for our wives. Continue to love and pray for her wherever she is. Even when we didn’t and acknowledge that, He already knows our and their hearts, pains, etc.. No matter how long it takes, His plans will override any of ours. So just know that There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord.—Proverbs 21:30. I interpret that as no matter what we or the wives say or plan to do such as divorce or ANYthing, our Lord’s plans and promises will prevail. Again, Love never fails. We are of His live and we represent that. You, your wife, the adherence of each of your covenants to our Lord, each other, witnesses; including each of your trust and obedience to Him will be in my prayers. May our Lord and Savior’s love be with both of you daily. May Jehovah Jireh and Rapha provide both of you protection, courage, encouragement, comfort, support, and healing daily. In Jesus’ precious name, I ask and pray that if it is YOUR will, YOUR will be done. Amen.

  2. A marriage miracle - Bring her back

    Dear Lord,

    U said ur scriptures who ever asks in my name anything u will recive it.So loving lord Jesus Now ask In Ur Name Jesus Christ Plzzzzzzzzz restore this brothers relationship with his wife.Put this couple safely under ur wings.Bless them wid ur love in each others heart n Mind.As nothing is impossible for u my father.I know in the mighty name I assume that u would restore this family.Amen

    Dear Brother,

    Everything is possible if u have faith in God.He will for sure will do anything for u.Don’t leave Jesus let what may happen.He will never forsake u,

    Thanks n REgards,


  3. thou will be done

    Please god I ask for favor for this gentleman.in jesus name,If it’s your will it shall be done.God bless you my friend your in our prayers. MIKE

  4. God answers prayers

    Dear Father God

    This morning I uplift this prayer request to you. I ask that Jesus, you may continue to hear the prayer requests submitted to you and that your will be done and not our own. I uplift Brian in your hands, that you may cover him and his wife. You know their hearts Lord, You are the miracle worker. May Brian’s wife be convicted to hear your voice and may you lead her home if that is your will. Father, we know not the circumstances surrounding this marriage, but we know that you are a God of love who answers all prayers according to your will. Please work in both their hearts and soften their hearts towards each other, protect their marriage and restore it again. Amen.

    Please get a hold of the “Fireproof” DVD and book, it’s a great marriage resource that helped get my marriage back on track when we were expereincing marriage problems. There is nothing that God cannot do for you. Have faith that God will do his part, you must do yours. God bless and Godly love for you both.

  5. Prayer

    Dear Lord

    I lift this marriage upto you Lord Jesus NOTHING is impossible for you Lord and theres always a reason why things happen to us….perserverence…to make faith stronger etc whatever the reason is please heal this mans heart and let him rest in yr peace Lord whilst his wife is away please allow him to really go into yr word and that any wrong he done in this relationship he repents of so he can start again….Please we raise him upto you Lord i am going through the same aswel Lord but i am not married and my faith and my trust is in you to reconcile this gentlemens relationship and my own Lord please give us the patience to pull through this hard time Lord……i pray this in yr name amen.

    I know exactly how your feeling…me and my ex have two children too and its so hard BUT God has revealed swo many wrongs that i did in the relationship and ive repented them i think that God doesnt want to give it back to us straightaway as we really have to realise and face truth about ourselves…i duno what happened in yr relationship but any little thing that God reveals to you that was negative repent of it and let it go….God will bless u for this and u never know Stacey might come back but put all trust in God He loves you and yr wife 🙂

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