A Lost Soul

I recently tried drugs which ruined my life because I was a fool being around the wrong crowd and although I haven’t touched it again, my body isn’t fully recovered from it. My heart always feels like it’s shutting down. My body feels out of place and I’m losing my mind.

I just want to be happy and live a normal life again. I feel stressed everyday because I don’t know why I’m feeling the way I do. I’m tired of feeling so lost, I want to feel God’s love all around me and I want to be able to resist the bad temptation that comes my way. I want powerful strength, good health and a positive state of mind. I want to eliminate all of the negative energy out of my life.

Please keep me deeply in your prayers. I promise I’ll keep my faith in God. He is what gets me through my bad days. I want the devil to stop attacking me, I want to detach myself so far away from the devil. I feel like this is battle is going to eventually bring out the worst of me and I’m trying so hard fight it . Every night before I go to bed, I feel disgusted by myself. Please pray for me to see a brighter day.

Please pray that I can recover and maintain a good health for myself. Please pray that I don’t lose God again. Please pray that God will forgive me for all my sins and that I can forgive myself. Please pray that my heart won’t shut down. Pray for me please. I’m in desperate need of a prayer.

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