A Long story short about an Answered Prayer

by Lori (Florida)

Long story short,

I got baptized last November. Just a couple weeks before it was planned, I prayed to the Lord that I needed a very clear and very visible sign (I don’t hear Him too well- I am still learning how), as to if this church I chose was where I needed to be.

I swore to Him if He told me no, I would walk away and never go back. I just needed to know if this church was kosher. As I spoke these words, in the back ground of my concentration, I heard rain. I kept on talking to God, explaining the best I could, that I needed this very clear & very visible sign. I told Him I am just learning the religion stuff, and needed His help in every way. Just as I had finished my ‘Amen, thanks’, my hubby came in and asked if I wanted to go with him to pick up a few groceries.

I just wanted to sit, relax and listen for my answer. I hesitated, thought, maybe the sign will be out there somewhere. So I said yes, give me a few minutes. The whole way I was trying to figure out if the rain meant He was crying cause I offered to quit this church, or if He was happy I was making this decision. I kept looking in the sky looking for an answer. I saw nothing. I heard nothing. We arrived at the store, and walked in, in a heavy downpour to the entrance doors. The people were backed up, shaking themselves off and closing umbrellas, wiping their feet, etc. I heard this voice behind me that

I didn’t recognize say, “is this person with you’? I didn’t recognize the voice so continued to wipe my feet, and brush my arms off, and grab a cart. After I moved out of the way, this voice again asked, ‘is this person with you’? I turned and looked to see who kept asking that, and low and behold…. it was the priest from the church who is going to baptize me! I joyfully said yes, yes he is. I introduced him to my husband. We talked and went on our separate ways. After we got just past the produce, it hit me!

That was it! That’s my sign! God is crying because He is afraid I will stop going and He wants me there! I kept getting tears in my eyes after that, every few seconds. We were in there about an hour, looking at different things. I wanted to share this story with the priest, but I never seen him after we split at the doors and went our own directions. When we walked out of the store, it had stopped raining and the sun was trying to peak through. Verification it was my sign. Since my baptism, two months later, I have become our cleaner person.

I clean the church, the hall where we hold fellowship, and I get to put the water in the font. I open up every Sunday morning, I get the coffee going, open all the doors, turn on all the lights, I uncover the organ, turn on the sound system and I get almost an hour of prayers in to God, the angels & saints each Sunday morning. My next big jump is going to be a reader. I did get to read off a list of names for which we prayed for on All saints day.

It was simply amazing. I love church! I love God, (Father Son & Holy Spirit!