A little support with funds to pay off some bills.

by Joseph (Modesto Ca,)

Lord, I come to you in Jesus name. I ask you father to please help my family that I’ve started . Recently I took some time off work to bond with my son. It was wonderful to spend time with my family,it was just hard to do anything because I owe a little money to the state for past mistakes I’ve made in my lifetime. Even though it’s not alot of money it’s brought alot of stress for us because my money gets cut an we never can actually do anything for us because bills are behind an our money is very tight it feels like the government only gives us enough money to get by each day lord. God I ask that you please help us with a little extra money please something we can do something with. Something to help us get by an actually see more of the things in life that we wish for God. Thank you father. Your son in Christ Jesus..amen.

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