A lawyer’s prayer for strength

by Jim (Virginia)

God, I feel unworthy to ask you for anything as wretched of a sinner as I am, and I know there are so many other worthy causes for you to address. However, please give me the strength and cunning to deal with the financial crisis that seems looming for my business and family. I’m in such a competitive and unforgiving profession, and I was knocked down hard today. I accept what you have in store for me, but ask that it not harm my family. Please help me remember to handle adversity with poise and grace, and that my emotions not interfere with raising my family and interacting with my loving wife. Thank you for all the blessings in my life; I truly am thankful for them. I cherish the moments with my family, and realize that all the material items you have blessed me with is of no moment compared to being with them, which requires the good health with which you’ve also blessed me. Please help me keep a clear mind so my advice is sound and my actions are in my client’s best interests. Please help me to refrain from envying those who are more successful than me, and to rejoice in their good fortune.

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