A Job that I love.

by Cait (Pittsburgh, PA)

Dear Lord,

I am calling on you because I need your guidance. I work very hard, but find myself in the same situation constantly which is working for someone who is mean and over bearing. This time in particular, it’s not that my job is horrible, but it honestly makes me miserable. In my heart I know its not for me but I need to pay the bills. Please Lord, I am trying. Please help me find my passion that helps pay the bills and doesn’t make me live on pennies. Please give me a craft that doesn’t have someone breathing down my neck at all times. Please give me the strength to not feel nervous, sick, and anxiety ridden every time I leave for work. You are gracious and kind, I know you will be there for me. I appreciate and am grateful for everything and I ask for your help now to lead me in the right direction.


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