a health concern for our little grand daughter

by Athena (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Father in heaven,

We ask for your loving protection over our new little grand daughter that has just been born. Lord you know having been born a GBS baby she is at risk of developing late on set group B strep, which can have devastating health effects and even a fatality rate.

Lord only you know everything, for you created her and knew her before she was formed in her mothers womb. Father i thank you for this beautiful and innocent child you have given my son and his wife.

Our dear Father in heaven we ask for this little baby girls full protection during the next six months especially, which covers her risk period. We pray Lord she will grow and thrive and be healthy in every way, and that she will develop into a fine christian woman who knows you and loves you and has committed her life to you.

Lord help her to grow in strength, health and wisdom ,and to live constructively and with the righteousness of your son in her and upon her. Give her long life so that she may glorify your name , in a world that has moved far from the God who created us and sent his own precious and perfect son to die for us . Thank you Father, and in the name of thy son Jesus Christ we pray . Amen .

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