A healing prayer for Savanna my Grand Daughter.

by Carla (Sacramento California)

“Lord God,

You are the Great Physician.
My Grand child Savanna is sick and needs your healing touch.
Lord, you are the healer of weaknesses, colds, flu, fevers, viruses, chronic conditions, tumors, cancer and other diseases, and you are the healer of my child.
As I ask you to heal my Grand child Savanna, I will declare by faith that my child IS receiving your abundant healing power right now and that my child’s health IS steadily improving.
I declare that I will not look at what my eyes see, but I will look at what my faith sees.
I will feed my faith concerning the healing power that is bringing health to my Grand child.
I will stand strong behind your biblical words:
“By his stripes, we are healed.” *
Thank you, Lord, for bringing your awesome healing power into my child’s body.
Lord, I will praise you for healing Savanna my Grand Child
In Jesus’ name I pray,

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