A Healing Prayer For a Beloved Pet

I am a beloved Pet, My Name Is Rudi and I am 12 years old. I have mass cell tumors on my bottom (anus). If the vet removes them I will be left with a numb tail, bottom and I may not be able to ‘hold’ my bladder and bowel.

My heart isn’t very strong either, I cough when I move and I might not Wake up after the operation – but I enjoy life, dote on my Mistress who loves me dearly and would be lost with out me.

I’m asking that you pray as my Mistress does – every night in the name of Jesus that the tumors will be shrink to the size of a pea, that the cancer will be cast out from my body, plucked out like a rotting thorn leaving me able to run about and enjoy my walks without the need to rub my bottom on the floor that is dangerous incase I catch the tumor and it bleeds or gets an infection. I’ve had every, scan, blood test going but they still don’t know why I cough, why I can’t run in the cold and they tell me that after they have removed the tumors they will grow back again.

I don’t want to go to sleep and never see my Mistress’s face again, or sit at her feet with her loving hand stroking my head, I want to be able to run, walk and play with her as I have always done. I’m quite fit for an old dog and I am begging for your Prayer’s in my time of need because I’m not ready to leave her yet.

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  1. Prayer for dear Rudi

    Oh Heavenly Father, please give Rudi’s mistress great insight on how she can help heal him. If there are natural solutions to the problem, special herbs, perhaps a holistic vet that can help, please lead her there. Please disolve those growths. Lord, we know you love animals too and you blessed the earth with so many creatures for us to enjoy. You know how much Rudi means to her. Please surround Rudi and his mistress with your loving angels.. Please fill that area on his body with bright healing miraculous light.
    In Jesus name.

  2. From a dog lover

    This immediately caught my attention. I pray to heal you and pray for master to be strong. My dog is my world and I pray for him every night and now you will also be in my prayers. God bless

  3. Believe,and Sweet Jesus will heal sweet Rudi

    I came to this site by accident..but I am glad I did.I adore all animals,and have been praying for Rudi daily.I pray a beautiful Infant of Prague prayer every morning…I have included dear Rudi,and healing energy sent your way..Pray your prayers with belief you are heard..Pray your prayers with light and love,not saddness and desperation..Pray your prayers believing God will do what is his will..Pray with confidence.Confidence is not arrogance.Surround your dear little dog with the healing light of Christ daily,imagining this mass is shrinking and Rudi’s heart is strong.Keep us updated also…xoxoxo To you and Rudi. <3

  4. A Healing Prayer For a Beloved Pet

    CBD oil works wonders for people and pets. Please do some research. I love my doggie too and pray he can stay healthy and live a good long life. I pray for your little Rudi ( I once had a dog named Rudy)
    Try to be encouraged by the words written by everyone who commented. Prayer works or God would never ask us to do it. If your faith is lacking, ask God for more. Even faith itself comes from God. It’s not something we can muster up on our own. Don’t be afraid to ask people to pray. It bless others to bless us. May God’s healing power infuse little Rudi with miraculous healing and give his mama wisdom on w how to handle this. In Jesus name AMEN!!!

  5. Bella

    Bella has to have surgery on right eye this am please Jesus watch over her let her be ok thru surgery and recovery we ask this in your name Jesus thank you

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