A healing of Faith of Diminishing Sickness

by Latasia Brandon (Breonx, New York)

Father of the most High I submit my soul unto you to declare and hear my cry for a spiritual miracle that only you can declare.

I lift my eyes, ears, heart, and spirit onto your devotion of love and forgiveness.

I pray for you to enrich all the areas of my life to rejoice and know what I remember once again of your love and all you given (your life) to create and install a better life for myself

I Use prayer and great faith that you Re-lift the joy and contagious spirit in my heart to once began again for a greater and lasting cause that will allow me to preach and speak on your glorious mercy

I accept you in my life and know that there is no other greatness in this world greater and more everlasting than your love

Continue and renew my life where all the wrong in me is made right, and all the greater things in my life is made greater.

There is no profound love and care from no one in this world that could ever detain what i know your love consists of

Forever I pray you send your love and spirit unto me and those who never knew a spiritual love so magnificant

I give my all to you, and believe in this time you will give and return the all i once had in jesus name.


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