A Healed Marriage Prayed In Faith

by T'necia (Michigan)

Heavenly Father in Jesus name,

I thank you LORD for breaking all unclean soul ties from us, around us, near us or tries to follow us to destroy our marriage I break them in Jesus name. I thank you for the blood of Jesus who’s healing my marriage right now as i speak Let us continue to forgive one another as God forgave us thank you LORD for our new beginning I thank you for restoring our marriage as one flesh I thank you that my husband loves me like CHRIST loves the church and gave himself for me I thank you LORD that we are walking in unity as of this day because what you have joined together no man will separate I thank you LORD that by your stripes our marriage is healed and no weapon formed against it shall prosper! Heavenly Father i thank you that your word will not return until you void because your word says when a man finds a WIFE he finds a good thing and shall obtain favour with the LORD. He shall leave his father and mother and CLEAVE unto his wife hallelujah! Thank you LORD my marriage is healed in Jesus name! Amen

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