A growing mother’s love


Dear Lord,

Please forgive me for my sins have been many as a mother and my children have paid the price. My daughter faces her first challenging college exam in her major in a field she has dreamed of since she was in 7th grade. A field that she hopes will help solve the struggles of families dealing with autism and cancer. I have been critical in her life undermining her confidence to the point of her hiding. I pray for the ability to show love, compassion , support during this time. I pray that she will find the strength outside of her relationship with me to reach out to others without fear of their judgement and rejection. I pray that you will support her desire to study genetics. I pray that she will earn a B on the final and show her that you work hard until the end and it can make a difference. This would give her a B in this class. Thank you for being there for me to inspire hope.