A Good Home To Live, Great Employment, Opportunities Fulfilled

by Gregory J. S (Chicago, IL U. S. A.)

Lord our Loving God, please help me find a good home that can be filled with joy, lots of love, laughter, security, and spirituality, to fill all the needs of the people living and/or visiting this happy House!

In order to do this though I need your assistance to help me find great employment, to do what I love, to do it well, which will fulfill my needs Mentally, Spiritually,and Financially, Show me the way in faith Lord.

Let my God given talents shine through. Let different Opportunities be provided and let me be able to recognize them at first approach.

And Lord, especially, I would like to Pray for all the Readers on this site and those who post their Prayer Request. That you will listen to each of them and assist them in their every need. These are good people please bring Hope, Joy, Happiness not only to their Hearts but also their Mind and Soul!

Also, Pray for All of the Departed, Lost Souls, Sick and Unhealthy, and for those in Poverty. I ask this through you our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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