A forgiving prayer

by Cynthia (Abbeville, Louisiana)

Please pray for my husband he been bound to drugs and alcohol for years. He had trusted God at one time but now since people that he love had die he blame God for it. I haven’t give up on him, but many time I wanted to leave and always I will heard God voice and says I never gave up on you. We been marry for my nine years but knew each others since children. He do what to stop he tell me this everyday. And when his mother die he he got so mad with his dad cause he dad was not faithful to his mother. His dad went outside the marriage and made other children. Also his brothers and sisters feel the same about their dad. Hate done come in their heart toward their dad and God. I prayer and ask God to remove this hurt from them. Please pray with me. It’s tearing me up to see my husband and family go though this. I want them save and with joy in their heart.

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