A financial miracle for my mother and me

by Rosemary (Deerfield Beach, Fl)

Dear Jesus,

You see with your sacred heart, how great our need is for a financial miracle. Any income that is coming is not enough to pay our expenses, let alone these debts which have us so burdened and afraid.
My mother’s illness and pain she has experienced have not been helped by doctors at all. I am a single woman who is suffering as her caregiver.. I want my mother to be made whole by your sacred hands.
I am lifting all the prayers I’ve been saying to you, oh most sacred heart of Jesus.

Save us from this financial abyss of debts, medical expenses and all the mental anguish it has caused us. I pray for your almighty wisdom to flow into our finances, for that financial miracle that we long for so greatly.

I thank you now in advance, dear Sacred Heart of Jesus for your life saving and miraculous workings in our lives. Because these needs are so great, I pray that you in your most precious heart dispatch all the angelic help needed..

You are the Only One who sees how great and serious these troubles are. Please do not delay in your most Divine assistance for us.


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