A financial breakthrough in my business

Sacred Heart of Jesus I humbly come before you and ask this special request of you. Please forgive me for all my sins against you and our father and grant me my prayer deepest in my heart dear Lord. Help me to become fearless in building my business to success, show me and lead me to the right people to do business with to help boost my sales and build a strong network. Lead me to people who want success and to help people as much as a do. Fill me with your Holy Spirit that I may be strong, courageous, confident and unstoppable in achieving my dreams. Give me the right words to speak, to teach and reach out to people while building my business that they me see me as a strong leader like yourself and aspire to do the same with my help and your guidance from within.

Help me Dear Lord and bring people to me to help them and work with them to building their dreams. I humbly and urgently ask this prayer of you Lord for at this time my business needs your blessings to grow by the end of May 2014.