A family seeking stable, affordable housing

by Bobe (El Cajon,California, USA)

My family and I need to locate an affordable house large enough to accommodate four adults and three children with our inside / outside cats. Rents in San Diego County here in California are very high and rental agencies discriminate against low income families by requiring that the monthly income be three times the monthly rent. Homelessness has increased in our area, all shelters are constantly full– low income housing is filled and has six month waiting lists. My adult son (caregiver) and I have a residence a the moment but it is questionable most of the time.One daughter is buying an old functional RV house herself and her two children,while my second daughter just got evicted from her new housemate situation and may be living out of her an with her daughter. We are all thoughtful and grateful stewards of resources give to us so we know we can be housemates and helpmates together . We desire help to help ourselves so we can help others help themselves. We thank you with joyous gratitude St.Joseph. Amen

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