A Faithful Partner

by Robinson (Birmingham, AL)

My prayer is that God cleanse my partner and I of our past hurts and allow us to see one another and receive real honest love into our hearts. I love the Lord and I know He guides my every step and hears my every cry. I need peace within my relationship the Peace that only God can give. Harmony beset and rest in our midst as we grow together as one in Him. Without this Peace all my doings are nervous and wreckless. I pray this Peace hurry our way that we ensure and faint not. In Jesus name I pray that the ways of a prosperous and fruitful life are placed speedily in our path to meet us. In Jesus name I pray our health sustain us to see many glorious and happy days here together until we meet Him in the End. In Jesus name I pray our families continue to be kept in His way and all the days of our lives we do nothing but honor Him by showing His perfect Love. Amen and Amen.

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