A fair and decent job for my son

by Tricia (Australia)

Please help to get my son Cian a good, fair and decent job. He has been trying for many months with good applications and he is intelligent, prepares good qualifications, has a good work ethic and great hands. But only one person has replied to say no thank you out of at least 40. He is only 19 and it is so damaging to his self confidence and it means that he isolates at home in his room most days. It breaks my heart to see such wasted potential as well as to realise how much social connection he is missing out on. I have driven my prayers down so deeply for so many months to no avail. I feel angry that people do not even have the courtesy to acknowledge his applications and despair to think that my Higher Power seems to be ignoring us. Please open the door to a far and decent job with Godly people that he might begin to live a life that is full and dignified. I love him so much and I have brought him up alone. Thank you, his Mum.

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