A emergency family prayer

by Elizabeth (Paterson NJ)

GM, I’m in need of prayer for myself, my daughter, and and her two sons. The older is 22, years of age and he’s very angry a ll the time. M y youngest grandson left the house about 3, months now along with his Father, so it’s just him and my daughter. I live down the street and I dare not go there because I don’t feel safe. He’s not working and he’s broken up all her furniture, and act like it’s nothing, yesterday when she was getting ready for work he picked up a table and threw it through the window, this is the second window, Praise God her other son father came and they talked him into going to the hospital for help, he finally admitted he needs help.

Please pray for us.

Thank you and God Bless, pray that he will stay until he gets the correct help and medication, and my daughter will be strong a Nd the family be restored as well as all the things that has been broken in her home. Pray that my daughter would change also, because before we expect change in someone else we must make the change first and in spite of what has been done that God will allow us to love him in spite of, cleanse our hearts and renew a right sport with in his entire family including his son and son mother and her family as well.