a drama free breakup

Dear father in heaven,

I come before thee asking for forgiveness for all my sins. I’m so glad that you are a forgiving God. I pray you change my heart for the better. I am in need of a meraculous breakthrough regarding my current situation. I am in a unhealthy relationship and need a clean break. I forgive the person in regards who I am talking about for everything that they have done and pray that they will forgive me too but do not wish to marry him.He and I both are in desperate need of a financial breakthrough. He and I are both also in need of a spiritual breakthrough. I want us to remain in a peaceful state of mind no fussing cussing arguing and forbbid any violence through this breakup. I pray we get jobs get finances in order and can move on with our lives without being in a relationship with each other. I rebuke any evil spirits evil thoughts and negativity in our upcoming challenge and only seek a peaceful parting. I pray both of us can work together in this process in a encourging and comforting way and both have the confirmation/ clarity that the break up is for the best. I wish us both well in our future endeavors and that no other person have to experience what we did together because it is hurtful and unhealthy. I pray this all comes together as soon as possible in a peaceful and orderly fashion and that you touch his heart reguarding this so theres no more people involved in this just us 2 and we do it in decent and in order as you would want in JESUS name amen.

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