A desperate need a desperate prayer

by Vicky ()

Please pray I have been praying for so long for my family right now I’m dealing with brokenness I have a daughter and son they are adults that show me so much hate and I don’t know why my youngest one he loves me to pieces my oldest ones use and lie to me and on me refuse to help me and I have been begging God to change the way they treat me could you also pray for peace and anyone I have done wrong has done me wrong forgives me and the one who has wronged me start doing me right my youngest son is struggling in jr high he has autism and he’s having a hard time adjusting please pray he overcomes this also my daughter stiffed me on the rent she stays with her boyfriend but wanted me to keep her on my lease because her and her boyfriend fight a lot she is working and her income increases my rent and she only gave me half of what we agreed to but she pays all her boyfriend bills but refuse to help me and it hurts can you please pray God can give me favor with housing to lower the rent so I can pay it without her help also I need extra money to pay bills to take care of expenses I’m in charge of everything and finances are not always favorable so please pray that money will come in abundance also depression has set in and sometimes I feel death is the only way out please pray for me to have more happy days so I won’t keep feeling like this thank y’all so much will b waiting for answered prayers

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