A Desired Wish

Dear God,

I am ever so grateful for the blessing I have in my life and I know that you have always guided me through tough times and have always sent your angels to my door in my times of need. I ask now that in my need to be blessed with good news about my exams, I know I will not be disappointed. God bless me with patience, strengthened faith and ability to focus and continue to do what is expected of me while I await this news. In you lord I know I will not be disappointed. I praise your name.

Lord please continue to bless me with good health, strength of character, peace and love for mankind. May the work that I do bless others, may I always find ways to reach out and help others. May no EVIL plotted against me prevail. May those who do not understand me or plot evil against me gain better insight into who I really am. May the children I work with be blessed and and successful in their lives.

Lord may the sick be healed and those who are suffering from cancer be cured in Jesus name, Amen!

Lord if I can be of service to anyone, my I have to courage and the determination to do it. May I not allow my insecurities and possibly false perceptions that no one needs my help prevent me from reaching out to others.

Lord, through you my light will shine. Through you, I am strengthened. Through you, I shall prevail in all my endeavors. May the labor of my days bless others. May EVIL not find me or any of my family members. To those you wish me evil, bless them and may their wishes not prevail.

Lord, bless me with good news and may all the hard work and effort I invested into my exams be blessed with success. AMEN!