A cry for a miracle…

by Teresa (Hialeah, Fl)

I ask on this day for a miracle with my live in boyfriend of five years. I love him dearly but he has betrayed me with other woman I am at the point in letting go in giving up on us but it hurts so much. I saw us growing old together but I can’t stand knowing he is with another woman and the sad part of all this is that she the other woman knows he has me and lives with me. I am at my last point I am asking for a BIG miracle to please god my father help me either make that other woman go away and for my love to only have eyes for me or please God give me the strength to leave him I have been suffering missrable for over a year with this problem and I am tired and lonely and depress! I need your help I need a miracle I need god to answer my prayers please! Amen amen amen

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