A Conversation with God

by Nia (Trinidad)

Dear God,

You are the Most High. Lord, we thank You for every blessings you have bestowed upon us. In our times of trials and tribulations, Lord, we humbly ask that Your presence be ever known. Keep us away from the enemy and show us the way back to You, back to safety. Grant us good health to praise and worship Your most precious name. give us the opportunity, Lord, to have a relationship with You. Steer us on the path of righteousness and give us guidance.

Oh Heavenly Father, we ask that You be patient with us as we continue to strengthen our relationship with You. Help us to show love to others the same way You show love to us. Help us to know that in this way, we are bringing ourselves closer to You.

Lord, you said whatsoever we do to the least of our brothers that we do unto You. Teach us patience and love and self control and faithfulness and trust and show us how to imitate You, Oh God, in these actions. Teach us that every action has consequences and that no matter what the situation You will forever be right by our side, leading us back to the straight and narrow path. help us to face and solve our own issues, with Your help, before we attempt to fix others for Lord You said how can a man remove the splinter from his neighbour’s eye when he can’t even see the plank in his own. Continue with this love and may we continue to grow in You.