A chance to begin our lives.

by Sarah (New York)

Dear Lord,

Please help me and my partner to have the opportunity to live together and build our lives together.

Help us to leave all drama and chaos behind and move forward to building a loving respectful relationship with one another. Bless us with the opportunity to have a loving home together and for our love to strengthen and deepen through this process.

Help people to recognize and respect our relationship and the love we have for one another. Help us to over come any negative thoughts or harm that may be against us. Help us to show each other more frequently that we care for one another. Help us to be faithful, loyal, honest and supportive of each other.

Guide us to treat our parents and family members with respect and help them to accept that we choose to be together and are dedicated to our relationship. Bless us one day with a family of our own.

Please Lord help us to achieve the gift of a home to live together to have the opportunity to give our relationship all we have.

We thank you that we have found each other. Help my partners situation of his ex relationship to ‘go away’ and help things to work out that we can all move forward with no distraction or interruption. Help things to work out for the best for all involved. Please lord make that child not be his and we can all move forward and the child’s parents can continue to look after him like they are. Help his mother to drop the situation and may evidence come to light that the baby does not belong to him and we are free to move on with our life with marriage and kids in wedlock like god intended.

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