A calm and peaceful mind about my relationship with my boyfriend

Dear God,

I want to thank for you for your kind and undeserved love for us each and everyday. I want to thank you for the health of my Family members and love ones. I want to thank you for my relationship with Wayne, whom I love so dearly and thankful that you brought him into my life and helped us to grow in so many areas, especially spiritually. However God I find myself battling with my mind constantly on and off on our flaws as christian and my expectations of where I think we should both be in our faith. Help me lord to just trust you with what the future holds for the both of us and not to be afraid of us not ever marrying in the end. Help me to have faith in the confidence that though we are flawed in many areas that you will mold us into what want in the end and that your will be done. Help me lord to let go of control in trying to fix, prefect as well as mold my myself and my potential life partner into the standard and expectation of what I have seen and heard from other Christians but most importantly surrender to you with faith and great is to come of all this. I love you lord and thank you for giving me the courage to write this prayer request. In Jesus Name I pray. AMEN

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