A Broken Family, Heal Us

by Barbara (Lawrenceville, GA)

Dear God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,

Help my family and I to cope with the Difficulties that we are going through. Help us gain inner healing of mind, body, soul, by feeling us with the Holy Spirit. Guard our hearts from further pain that is being deliberately being done to us. The man that I have been with for almost ten years and have children by has been sleeping around with different woman. He has managed to gain the trust of these women through manipulations.

I am currently struggling to make ends meat for 4 small Children. If it was not for you, O’Lord Jesus Christ, who supplies all our needs. I do not know what would I have Accomplish. He has been leaving with his sister for the past two years with the woman he had left me for when I was pregnant with our child.

During which he would stop by and do things with our kids and sometimes with, me. But for the past few weeks and month he has taken a drastic change towards us. He has become distant towards the kids and extremely cruel towards me. Lord, I know I am far from perfection. My sins I do not hide from you. Judge me according to thy will. Help me to be strong Spiritually in your words, so that I maybe better at being a mother, devoted servant to your teachings, and a good listener of your voice and directions.

Lord Jesus Christ, I pray that you will touch the heart of Peter and open his eyes to what he has done and show him the consequences to his actions. Let him know that you are a forgiving God and that you are here to help him find purpose, direction, and understanding in his life. Let that woman know that you are aware of everything that is yoing on and she too can be forgiven and guide if she would surrender her life to you.

Lord, show the two of them the Consequences of disobedience and also the rewards of obedience. I know your words O’Lord Jesus Christ are not empty, so I trust you with all my care, and all of my families needs.

Thank you Lord, for the things that I am going through no matter how painful it is for me and my children. Thank you, for the lessons my family and I are suppose to learn during this difficult times. Most of all Thank you, for showing me that my trust and faith should only be on you and only you. For you alone are the provider and the supplier of all our needs.

Finally, God, let Peter know that no matter what he has done or going through we are here for him.

In The Mighty Name of Jesus, and by The Blood of Jesus Christ, I pray, Amen!

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