A Brighter Future For ME!

by Valerie ()

Now I need some prayer for myself. In a nut shell I am very depressed! I’m unhappy were I live the apt management is terrible i.e. they keep sloppy records, try to charge me money & refuse to explain why or what the charge means, and they are unprofessional. I need to move. I’m hoping to move in a couple of months I need prayer to find:
1. Temporary shelter
2. Then transitional shelter ( were the stay is up to 2 years)
3. A better apartment were I can get a pet and set roots with furniture & the works.
4. I desire to become employed. What that means for me is I hope to enter into a apprenticeship position that trains high tech. Here were I live I recently discovered (by God’s grace) a program that targets the under represented population (me) i.e. women of color.
5. I really need to get my life on track.
6. I want to also meet a wonderful person, however, I may not be ready for that! And I know it. I have a romantic crush on someone but that isn’t a good thing this person isn’t good for me. I need all of your prayers & strength I can’t do this alone.
I’m being somewhat bullied by the apartment management. I hope that this gets resolved b/c all I want is to know WHAT the 7 dollars charge is. Everything about this company is so secretive, there is barely any communication from them to towards the tenants & they don’t really follow landlord/tenant guidelines
Thank you
Oh and help me through this Covid-19 crisis, it reminds me so much of my childhood punishment from my former step mother, and I was abused & punished ALOT!
Thank you I need to know that I’m loved!

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