A break in life, im stranded in the center of my world , please help me

by Samantha (Penticton, Bc Canada)

I grew up in an abusive home which left me running away to meet my real father, whom kidnapped and raped me. I am defianately not a victom, and work hard for everything i get. My best friend / soul mate has been in jail almost 2 years, he will be out in aug. I have been faithful in everyway and even left alberta and moved to bc to be with his mother and grandmother. I enjoyed it all at first but his mother is controlling verbally abusive and a bully.

Really she is jsut a mean lady, after bullying me to get money , which i just ended up giving it to her so she souldnt freak out , i needed to get out, she only allowd me to go out with her or i was timed, im a 31 year old female, and could not handle it so i left for the night, which in turn left me homless, she kept my stuff and even took her sons dog, even though i moved outhere iwht the dog, she even got me fired from my job, and unfortunaltey we were getting along so she was a reference for another job, which i didnt get. she has told my bf who knows what and has called me every name in the book, but she aldo left me stranded with nothing in a place i know noone, i left alberta to live a better life and i really thought things were well.

Alberta was craxy, with everything getting robbed again, being homeless ect. I really was proud of everything i was getting done here and someone i should have trusted ultamately screwed me, so time and time again it seems everything is gone, i know this from the past things are things, but security and such is so impirtant to me and i just need a break, i need help

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