by Kyuana (Harvy Illionis)

first father teach me your will while you are working help me be still so i am able to do your will…I know you know my needs and heart desires…one is to be financial blessing to be a blessing to others father in jesus name teach me my talent so it can prosper into a successful business and continue to keep my husband and I marriage strong.father bless us with our first home in a place you choose for us tnat will also br filling to our heart desire..Lord keep us financialy stable for the rest of our life…but most of all continue to teach us how to seek your kingdom and my husband and i to obey your comandments so that we can show some one else the way to the truth and the light of the greates.. love of all father my heart desire and need to have a good credit score Give me strenght to look over them that continue to laugh at me cause I have my heart so set on you blessing me a miracle money to buy the house and car i have need of and to go to school to prepare for my talent is..have mercy on me and for give me of all my sins..for every miracle manifested great or small i praise you.for every door now open every path way clear I thank you In Jesus Christ name amne