A blessing for my amazing husband

by Sheri ()

I am 38 yrs old. My husband & I have been married for 7 yrs. I have 3 children from a previous marriage that my husband has raised most of their lives as his own. Their biological father is an alcoholic & has not been in their life since we divorced. 3 yrs ago the Lord blessed us with our own child & my husband has never made a difference in “his” & “mine”. Hes an amazing father & we desire to have one more together.

Recently I became pregnant but when I went for my 11wk ultrasound there was no heartbeat. We were devastated. We have the ok to try again, & have been. However due to my age I feel I dnt want to wait until Im much older & if I miscarry again I knw my husband will not beable to handle it & will not want to try again.

Please pray for us. I feel my husband deserves the desire of his heart for one more child, he really wants a baby girl of his own, since he effortlessly assumed complete roll as dad & sole provider of my 3 children. He works hard & provides a great life & allows me to be stay at home mom. God please bless my husband & me