A Birthday Spent With The Lord

by Deborah (Croydon, Surrey, UK)

Dear Lord, today is my birthday and although there are grey clouds in the sky at the moment, I know because of who you are that behind those grey clouds is the most brilliant sun that will eventually shine.

This day reflects my life right now, but just as I know that the sun is hiding behind the clouds, is the same way that I know you will break forth in my life, and when you do it will be so brilliant.
I knew you would cut, prune and take away anything or anyone in my life that did not fit into your plans and although it is a cold, hard road to travel, I travel it sometimes with tears, sometimes with fear but always in the knowledge that you will bring me to the expected end you have shown and promised me.
Therefore my dearest friend, my closest companion, I thank you for your love, support and tender mercies and I know in the depth of my spirit that you will never leave me nor forsake no matter what happens.

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