A Birthday Prayer for my Love

by Cecilia (Philpot, Ky.)

Heavenly Father,

If it be your Holy Will, my Love is going to celebrate his 70th birthday on Saturday. Please embrace him with Your Divine Love and fill Him with a sense of Awe for his life and many blessings. Thank you for his gifts, talents and unconditional love for me, our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. His life is difficult, filled with pain. It seems the “bad” days outnumber the “good days”. He tries to offer his sufferings as a prayer of praise and reparation for sin. Dear Lord, keep him safe. Let the angels guard him and uphold him so he doesn’t fall. Please grant him a day of peace and strength as family and friends gather around him to let him know how much they care and love him. I am so grateful for my relationship with him. I never imagined anyone could love me the way he does. Bless him Lord and fill his day with joy and laughter. I ask these in the name of Jesus, Your only Son. Amen.

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