A better tomorrow

by Jessica ()

Please pray for my family. I’m a mother of 4 currently engaged to my fiancé fir 5 years…he has struggled with addiction since he was in his late 20s he’s now 36… he’s been sober for 2 years but everyday I feel like the ball csn drop… please please pray that Nathan stays strong in the lord that he begs foe his grace and comfort and strength when times get hard for him… he is strong he can continue to do this with the lords help! I have always suffered from extreme anxiety ptsd and trauma. the first 3 years of our relationship…things were up and down rehabs recovery houses even 1 year in jsil for a dui- please pray the lord continues to work in our lives… keeping us strong in our faith… solely relying on him … knowing we are not in control of our lives but he is… please help me to remember this so I can deal daily with life… my anxiety cripples my mind my thoughts my heart rate goes up my brain races…please pray tgat I lean more on the lord everyday allowing him to work in my life… allowing him to walk with me through these really tough times…to help me sleep(I have insomnia) ..to help me relax…to help me realize that god has got me and I don’t need to do tgis alone. Please pray the lord keeps pulling Nathan closer and closer to him continuing to let him see his progress . He’s blessed him with a new job recently and has kept the taste of drugs feom him… please pray that the lord continues to do this and that Nathan continues to rely on Jesus for all his struggles. Please pray for my children that they will allow Jesus to work in their lives…we talk about him they know him we’ve recently found a home church… we’re starting Bible study this Wednesday – pkease just pray for their health happiness and safety. I know they love Jesus and that they know he loves them so much, that I am extremely proud of. My children know the lord.. best thing I can ever wish for is this and that their relationships will only progress and strengthen as they grow. Thank you so much for this opportunity to share some of my struggles snd I’m beyond grateful for your prayers. God bless

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