A better life for my kids and I!!

by Cheranda (Richmond Va)

I want to start off by saying.. I love u. I remember the 1st I wrote u. And you send me a great letter right back. I wanted to get pregnant and I am. I’m hoping for a healthy smart cute baby. No complications and I want my my kids to be very close and love The Lord.

That would mean the world to me. I do pray for a job in my career. I just finish school. So I’m very happy and bless for that. But the most important is for a financial blessing so I can pay all my debt and move out the ghetto. So my kids and I will feel safe just walkin in the house. I want my kids to play outside.

Ride their bikes and just be kids. That’s all I want. To feel safe with my kids in a better area my baby to be healthy and for a financial blessing. You pray with me before can you please pray with me now. I love u and so do god

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